Systemd stop/disable all templated services that don't match a variable

Pete asked:

How can I programmatically stop/disable all templated systemd services which don’t match a specific variable. For example, I am running [email protected] and I want to stop/disable services which match [email protected]* except for [email protected].

This is the closest I’ve come, but list-units is output that is clearly not meant to be parsed by a machine, making it fragile:

export SERVICES="$(systemctl list-units [email protected]* --all | \
grep myservice | grep -v "@v1" | cut -f1 -d' ')"
if [ -n "$SERVICES" ]; then
/bin/systemctl stop $SERVICES
/bin/systemctl disable $SERVICES

My answer:

Add --no-legend to the systemctl command to cut out some of the useless junk you don’t need. It will then list only the units, with no header or footer.

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