php apache_note with mpm_event

yossarian2004 asked:

I’m wanting to switch to mpm_event to be able to serve a higher rate of requests. My initial testing showed that the server can serve a higher rate of requests when using mpm event. The server is basically just serving files, but there is a php application running on the server. I’ve been using prefork up until now. The php application uses the apache_note() function to insert some information into the apache logs. When I run mpm_event, this functionality seems to break (function not found). Is mpm_event compatible with apache_note(), or should I use some other method to insert data into the logs?

My answer:

Certain functions, like apache_note(), are only available when PHP runs as an Apache module. Using this, or anything specific to mod_php, is usually a bad idea due to lock-in. Consider using a standard function like trigger_error() instead. It was specifically designed for what you want to do, unlike apache_note().

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