How to bypass systemd "start request repeated too quickly"

qxlab asked:

I’m playing around with CHEF in a CentOS7 VM, and the script failed due to the issue:

systemd[1]: start request repeated too quickly for fail2ban.service

I know this is configurable in systemd, but I’d just like to know, for testing purposes, if there is a way to “reset” systemd so I’m allowed to execute start fail2ban service without receiving this error forever. Right now I have to restart the OS so I’m able to execute it.


My answer:

If you really have some reason for restarting a service numerous times in a few seconds (or more likely, the service is misconfigured and failing to start) and are running into start limits, you can reset it by using systemctl reset-failed <unit>.

systemctl reset-failed fail2ban.service

Of course, you should fix whatever you did to the service configuration to cause it to fail to start properly.

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