Will exchanging a disk between two Dell Powervault MD1000s lead to data loss?

simon asked:

I have 2 servers, each with a Dell Powervault MD1000. I would like to take one disk from the first Powervault and relocate it to the second Powervault.

When I reboot the server, enter the perc configuration tool, I will add a new virtual drive with the new physical disk.
When I will initialize new virtual drive, can I lose the data ?

Because all tutorial I saw, I read this:

enter image description here

So if this process destroys all data, how can I add new disk in my Powervault without data loss?

My answer:

You have to move all the physical disks containing the virtual drive you want to move to the other server. You can then import the foreign configuration from those disks. You cannot simply move part of the disks. In this case the only thing you can do is lose the data.

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