How do you specify how much disk space for each mount point on vsphere?

ARL asked:

I created a vm via the vsphere web client. The ESX version is 6.5 and the vsphere version is also 6.5

Via the menu: create virtual machine
Option 2f: customize hardware
Virtual Hardware: New Hard disk

I selected 128GB and created my vm

But when I run df -h I see the following:

Filesystem Size Mounted on
/dev/mapper/cl-root 50G /
/dev/mapper/cl-home 75G /home

I would like to know what decided that the allocation would be 2:3 ?

My question is:
What would I need to have done to set more space to the root partition in the first place and less to the home partition?
I don’t remember seeing an option in the creation step.

I know these can be resized, but I’d rather avoid it in the first place.

My answer:

If you choose Automatic partitioning in the RHEL/CentOS 7 installer, and more than 50 GiB of disk space is available after assigning swap space, then a logical volume of 50 GiB will be created for root, with the remaining space assigned to a /home logical volume. If these don’t suit you, you can do the partitoning manually or make adjustments to the automatic configuration before committing to the installation.

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