Starting Redis in systemd with Auth

Nathan Thomas asked:

Does anyone know how to pass the auth to redis “when it is started in systemd.” You have to use a custom init script here. Mine is the following:

Description = Redis In-Memory Store 
After =

User = redis 
ExecStart = /www/redis/redis-4.0.11/src/redis-server /www/redis/tests/redis.conf 
ExecStop = /www/redis/redis-4.0.11/src/redis-cli shutdown 
RestartSec = 3s 
Restart = on-success

WantedBy =

I know how to do it if I use the redis_init_script found in redis/utils, but it has to be placed in the /etc/init.d. It does not work when placed in the lib/systemd/system.

My answer:

You can create a systemd service override for this. For example:

# systemctl edit redis.service

ExecStop=/www/redis/redis-4.0.11/src/redis-cli -a mypassword shutdown

The first ExecStop= is necessary to discard the list of ExecStop= commands from the original unit.

Note that this is a custom redis systemd unit. The redis systemd unit that ships with Fedora (and the identical package built by remi for RHEL/CentOS) calls a shutdown script that reads the password from redis.conf and automatically passes it in redis-cli, so no customization is necessary. You might wish to use the distribution redis, or at least study its scripts.

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