Cname issue on Wix

Aames Ng asked:

So I built my wix website and was going to connect it to my domain via pointing. I have followed all the steps given by wix.

  1. To add the CNAME and Value
  2. To add the A and value
    Screenshot of Wix Instructions

But no matter how many times I do it, it just won’t connect.
Screenshot of DNS Records

I have contacted Wix but they aren’t very helpful and said that I keyed in my CNAME wrongly. It seems that my domain name keeps popping up at the end of my cname.

whatsmydns screenshot

Could someone be so kind as to advice me what am I doing wrong? Thank you so much in advance.

My answer:

You and Wix have both forgotten the required . at the end of the CNAME value.

Without the dot at the end, your domain is appended to the record.

www, therefore, should be a CNAME to with the full stop at the end.

But, when I queried your live DNS records, the dot already seems to be present. is an alias for

So perhaps you already fixed it, after taking the screenshot?

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