How to remove "Client-Peer" (etc) header in nginx with php-fastcgi

iblamefish asked:

My setup:

  • OS: Ubuntu 11.04
  • HTTP Server: nginx 1.2.1
  • (other irrelevant software – ruby, python, etc)

My problem:

I’m trying to completely mask the software which serves the pages (partly security, mostly because it’s fun), I’ve managed to change the server name and remove the X-Powered-By header which php-fastcgi adds, but I’m having trouble removing three headers:

Client-Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 20:32:34 GMT
Client-Response-Num: 1

I have used more_clear_headers from the HttpHeadersMore module but that has no effect, despite being able to remove the X-Powered-By headers.

This is in my http block

more_set_headers "Server: Tesco Value";
more_clear_headers "X-Powered-By";
more_clear_headers "Client-*";
more_clear_headers "Client-Date";
more_clear_headers "Client-Response-Num";
more_clear_headers "Client-Peer";
more_clear_headers "X-Pingback";

add_header X-Required-Volume-Setting 11;
add_header X-Required-Speed 88mph;

# NEW: added in thanks to the answer from @kworr - but still doesn't work
fastcgi_hide_header "Client-Date";
fastcgi_hide_header "Client-Response-Num";
fastcgi_hide_header "Client-Peer";

If you run HEAD you’ll see that neither explicit nor wildcard rules get rid of the header. I’m guessing that these headers are set after the output-header-filter phase – but I’d like to know if anyone has any more information on this, and especially if anyone has a solution.


@kworr suggested that fastcgi_hide_header might be what I’m looking for – but still doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s just my system?

My answer:

Those headers were not present in the HTTP response at all. Neither nginx nor php-fpm ever sent them, so trying to block them is pointless.

They are synthetic response headers added to the response by your user agent, libwww-perl.

If you don’t wish to see them, make HTTP requests with some other library, such as libcurl.

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