The -ls command listing weird command in ubuntu 16.04

ToiletGuy asked:

Lady and Gentlemen,

When I want to list out something inside the directory, I do this command ls
Then I got the following weird command:

[email protected]:~# ls
udo journalctl -u postgresql

The screenshot of the output

What is the meaning of the output? Can anyone explain? My expectation is that, it should list out all directories inside the home directory but instead I got that weird command.

Thank you!

My answer:

How could such a thing happen?

[email protected]:~# ls
udo journalctl -u postgresql

This looks like a single file, named udo journalctl -u postgresql.

My guess is that you will find the content of this file is either s or empty.

[email protected]:~# cat udo\ journalctl\ -u\ postgresql

And that this was caused by some permutation of s>udo rather than sudo.

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