Nginx, installing fastcgi_purge_cache on centos 7?

Mac asked:

I’m trying to setup my sites to run with fastcgi_cache and found it a bit problematic that it doesnt really refresh content when something new is added to my site/webshop.

So i stumbled upon the plugin nginx_helper, and it seemed to be everything i needed – but it requires the fastcgi_purge_cache module to be installed.
I have now tried a couple of times on refresh AWS servers (obviously nginx and stuff installed aswell) – but i seem unable to get it to work.

* AWS server
* Nginx / php-fpm / php 7
* WordPress
* CentOS 7

I’m very new at server stuff, and i tried a couple of diffrent guides – but nothing seemed to workout in the end.
Im trying to install , but im not quite sure how to do it correctly

My answer:

I maintain a Copr repo with nginx rebuilt to include this specific module. You can enable it on CentOS 7 by installing the appropriate yum repo

name=Copr repo for nginx owned by error

… or on Fedora with dnf copr enable error/nginx.

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