"Sysprep" for Linux after cloning VMs?

Root Loop asked:

If I clone a Windows VM (Server or Desktop), I need to perform a “sysprep” to change SID.

Wondering that if I clone a Linux VM, is there anything similar to “sysprep” must be done?

I am using CentOS 7.

My answer:

That’s exactly what virt-sysprep is for.

From the man page:

Virt-sysprep can reset or unconfigure a virtual machine so that clones can be made from it. Steps in this process include removing SSH host keys, removing persistent network MAC configuration, and removing user accounts. Virt-sysprep can also customize a virtual machine, for instance by adding SSH keys, users or logos. Each step can be enabled or disabled as required.

You can use virt-sysprep on any disk image format that your version of qemu understands. This usually includes raw disk images, qcow2, VMware VMDK, Windows VHD, VirtualBox VDI, and many others.

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