Can I grow an existing filesystem into another volume group?

user1074593 asked:

In RedHat Linux, can I grow a filesystem using space from another volume group ?
The space on the existing VG is filling up but I have an additional VG that has sufficient space. However, I dont want to destory the existing filesystem ; I just want to extend/grow it into the additional VG.

My answer:

Volume groups are separate and distinct from each other, and it is not possible to have a single logical volume in more than one volume group.

Volume groups are comprised of one or more physical volumes; it is physical volumes that a volume group is a group of.

In order to gain more space in one volume group, you will need to either enlarge one of its physical volumes, or add another physical volume to it.

In order to reduce space used by one volume group, you will need to either remove a physical volume from it, or shrink one of its physical volumes. Both of these operations must be performed carefully in order to avoid data loss.

Given your circumstances, it is probably not possible to do what you want. You might describe your storage setup in more detail, though, and it may be possible to find a solution.

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