Can you run server 2003R2 as a guest OS in a server 2016 cluster

Gummby8 asked:

We are in the process of specing out a project for a client to upgrade their cluster hardware and host OS. They are currently using a server 2012 R2 cluster. We are going to take them to a server 2016 cluster. However I found 2 server 2003R2 VMs. Turns out server 2003R2 is supported by 2012R2, but is not listed as a supported guest OS in a 2016 hyper-v cluster.

Either my google-fu isn’t what it once was, or no one has written anything about it.

I am fairly sure it shouldn’t be a problem, but I figured I’d ask first.

Has anyone got a 2003 guest OS running in a server 2016 hyper-v cluster and if so, have you had any issues?

My answer:

Windows Server 2003R2 is past end of life. Microsoft will no longer support it, but it will certainly run (as a Generation 1 virtual machine only) on Hyper-V 2016.

Of course, this is a good time to plan your migration off of the obsolete server platform.

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