setting up DNS using CloudFlare

Johnny Bones asked:

I’ve got a few domains I’m forwarding to a single server using CloudFlare. They’re all basically set up the same, the only difference is the domain names. In my CloudFlare DNS page they look like this:

Type     Name               Value                   
A       points to 96.XX.XX.XX   
CNAME    www                is an alias of    
MX       mail handled by
NS       managed by   
NS       managed by   

My question is this: all 3 sites work fine with Host Name binding on my Windows 2012 Essentials server, but only the non-www version of the domain. So, “” directs the user to the website, but “” shows error page HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found. This is true for all 3 websites. In my Host Name bindings I have records for both and pointing to port 80 on the server.

If I go to my CloudFlare setup page and try to enter a new A record for, I get an error message that says A CNAME already exists with that host.

Any idea on what I’m doing wrong, or how to fix it?

My answer:

A CNAME already does exist. It’s right there in the output you showed. If you don’t want it, then remove it.

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