Using Centos is it possible to make a repo for node.js?

DR01D asked:

Background: I’m using CentOS 7.4.

I created a repo file for nginx which should make it easier to keep updated.

Inside etc/nginx I created a folder yum.repos.d and inside of that folder I inluded the file nginx.repo.

Inside of the file I included these lines.

name=nginx repo

Question: Can I do something similar for node.js? I can’t find anything online.

My current system:

Step 1) Check online to determine the latest version.

Step 2) Compare it against my installed version, node -v

Step 3) If I need to update use nvm install lts/* --reinstall-packages-from=node

My answer:

That “works” for nginx not because you created the repository, but because nginx did.

In the case of Node.js, they also have created repositories and posted instructions on their web site.

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