Can not change SELinux security context on Gluster FS folder

Srimal Nishantha asked:

I can not change the security context of a folder which is created inside a Gluster-FS volume. Following is the error I keep getting.

chcon: failed to change context of ‘test’ to ‘system_u:object_r:httpd_sys_rw_content_t:s0’: Operation not supported

I would be really grateful if someone can help me.

My answer:

The ability to set SELinux contexts on files in GlusterFS volumes was added in GlusterFS 3.11.0. AFAIK Red Hat has not yet shipped this version or a later version of GlusterFS in RHEL or Red Hat Gluster Storage. However, it is available in Fedora, and in CentOS 7 by installing centos-release-gluster312 or centos-release-gluster313 depending on the desired version.

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