How to name systemd mount unit properly?

chs_voks asked:

I’m trying to automount CephFS after boot via systemd

I’ve got the next unit:




As I know Where= setting must match unit name. I do next:

[[email protected] system]# systemd-escape -p --suffix=mount '/mnt/cephfs-dev'
[[email protected] system]# vi /etc/systemd/system/mnt-cephfs\\x2ddev.mount

But something went wrong:

[[email protected] system]# systemctl status mnt-ceph\\x2ddev.mount
‚óŹ mnt-ceph\x2ddev.mount - /mnt/cephfs-dev
   Loaded: error (Reason: Invalid argument)
   Active: inactive (dead)
    Where: /mnt/cephfs-dev
     What: ceph-node1:6789,ceph-node2:6789,ceph-node3:6789:/dev

May 05 10:07:12 centos.imoldovan-lpt systemd[1]: mnt-ceph\x2ddev.mount's Where= setting doesn't match unit name. Refusing.

How to name unit properly? Obviously the problem with a dash in mount point /mnt/cephfs-dev but I need exactly this mount point.

My answer:

To put some closure to this:

The problem was that mnt-ceph\x2ddev.mount was a typo. It should have been mnt-cephfs\x2ddev.mount instead.

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