Patching RHEL 6 diskless

Brian asked:

I am setting up a RHEL 6 diskless installation. It is working via PXE over nfs. However, I am concerned about patching. How do I patch the diskless image if it is just a collection of files representative of a RHEL 6 installation?

For instance, if I want to upgrade to the latest FireFox, how do I patch my diskless “image”?

How do I update the root filesystem “image” using RPMs?

My answer:

The yum tool can update packages from an alternate installation root.

For instance, if your root directory is at /srv/nfs/rhel6root then you can update the image with:

yum --installroot=/srv/nfs/rhel6root update

The rpm tool has a similar option.

rpm --root=/srv/nfs/rhel6root -q firefox

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