SMTP name too long for Canon

Angus asked:

I am setting up a Canon iR device to scan to email, but their field name for SMTP server is too short for my MX record address.

Is there a way to set-up an alias that would work round this, or some other method?

Why is my MX so long? Because I am using Office 365 so it is of the format “” (so adding 28 characters to by domain name).

Canon’s field seems to be a maximum of 48 characters.
I’ve logged a support request with Canon but cannot conceivably expect a resolution from them.

My answer:

You might be able to work around this problem by creating a CNAME in your own domain that resolves to the O365 name. For instance:

canon-sucks     IN      CNAME

Then provide to the device.

Chances are good that this will work; however, if they’re that bad at writing Internet software, then who knows…

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