Register RedHat (rhn_register vs subscription-manager)

BrennQuin asked:

Currently, I do a inventory of the register into own account.
I saw two types of registers: First, in these list.


And second, in these one:

enter image description here

When I tried to compare both, some systems are into both but others only are register in one list.

Those systems that register in both list, may be updated. Those systems that register only into one list, couldn’t be updated.

I understand that if I use rhn_register command, the name of the system, only appears into Register systems, and if I use subscription-manager command, the system only appears into a subscriber Inventory.

So, I don’t know what can i do for register a system correctly.

I looking for a manuals or examples, but if i follow the steps, the system only appears into one of the list.

I do not know what is missing for register a system correctly.

My answer:

You should use subscription-manager. For connecting directly to Red Hat, Red Hat Network Classic has been deprecated and this service will end in July 2017. You’re expected to have switched all systems over to subscription-manager before that time.

This doesn’t entirely apply if you need to connect to an older version of Red Hat Satellite. In this case you can continue to use rhn_register to connect to Satellite.

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