Adding CentOS 6.8 Client to Spacewalk

jrd1989 asked:

I’m trying to add a CentOS 6.8 client to Spacewalk 2.6 to I can push out updates. In order to add the client I need to first install some packages: rhn-client-tools rhn-check rhn-setup rhnsd m2crypto yum-rhn-plugin rhncfg-actions.

When I try to install them with yum I get the following errors:

Error: Package: rhnlib-2.6.3-1.el7.noarch (spacewalk-client)
Requires: python(abi) = 2.7

I read that CentOS 6 requires python 2.6.6 and upgrading it will break yum. I tried installing python 2.7 but if I run ‘python’ it still points to 2.6.6. I tried adding an alias in /.bashrc and pointed to the python2.7. I tried to install again but it says that 2.6.6 is installed and I need 2.7.

I feel like there has to be a workaround for this. If there’s a way to install the packages on a way to add the client without needing the packages I would greatly appreciate the help/assistance.


My answer:

You’re trying to install packages from the spacewalk-client repository for CentOS 7 on CentOS 6. This has no chance of working. Install the correct packages instead.

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