Redis Cluster: (error) MOVED

Alexandr asked:

I have a Redis cluster with the following nodes: master (slots from 0 to 16383) slave (slots from 0 to 16383) master (without slots)

Documentation says that any node can redirect queries to the properly node. But I can not redirect requests from master node. Here is what I tried:> set myKey myValue
(error) MOVED 16281> get myKey
(error) MOVED 16281

It neither writes nor reads. When I try to get “myKey” from it shows next:> get myKey

What is wrong with my requests? I am using redis server version 3.2.5

My answer:

The node did redirect you.

As the documentation explains, the client is expected to connect to the specified node to retry the request. The server does not do this.

If you’re using redis-cli, then you must use the -c option if you want it to follow these redirects.

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