Do RHEL 7 manuals apply to CentOS 7?

Some Dude asked:

My startup of only 17 employees can benefit from a RHEL-like server OS without the RHEL cost. We’ve inherited a full copy of RHEL 7 documentation, and as the IT Admin, I’m curious if those manuals apply nearly verbatim to CentOS 7?

The website has sparse manuals available for CentOS 7, just CentOS 5.x.

My answer:

The vast majority of things in the RHEL documentation will apply to CentOS without change.

The main things that need adjustment are those that have to do with licensing and subscription, such as:

  • Registering the system: Not necessary on CentOS.
  • Adding software channels (such as High Availability, Enterprise Virtualization, Software Collections, etc.): These have all been ported to CentOS but have different repository locations and installation instructions. The most commonly needed channel, the “optional” channel, is part of base CentOS and does not need to be enabled separately as it does on RHEL.
  • Kpatch live kernel patching. While the kpatch utility is available on CentOS, actual kernel patches are not being created.

BTW, I don’t know what you mean by “inherited” a copy of the RHEL documentation. It is all available online for free and under a Creative Commons license.

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