Cannot access to any port of Azure VM except RD (3389)

DatVM asked:

I have a new Windows Server 2012 Azure Virtual Machine. Everything works fine through RD until I try to access from outside. I cannot access SQL Server service (I gave up after 1 hour of trying everything, thinking I messed something up with SQL Server service). Later, I found out even the web port (80) does not work as well!

Here are my Firewall status and Network monitor (you can see port 80 and 1433 is Allowed and Not Restricted):

enter image description here

enter image description here

I tried to telnet to either 80 or 1433, but neither works. However, telnet to the same IP Address to port 3389 works. The error message is:

Could not open connection to the host, on port 1433: Connect failed

Is there any config I need to do?

Note: I already add a website in IIS, binding to both a domain and the VM IP Address too, but accessing both fail, nothing works.

My answer:

You need to open endpoints for the services you want to make accessible from the Internet. In the old Azure portal these are listed under Endpoints. In the new portal under Inbound Security Rules.

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