Configuring RHEL 6.6 repositories

lorenzog asked:

I’ve been given a RHEL 6.6 system which seems poorly configured – there is no subscription-manager tool available and network access has been restricted upstream.

I was able to obtain outbound HTTPS connectivity but no FTP (don’t ask).

How do I configure the rhel-source.repo file so that it can pull packages from a HTTPS mirror instead of ftp?

At the moment baseurl points at:


Ideally I’d like to point to https://?…? but I can’t find a list of repositories around.

My answer:

It might have been subscribed with the old style rhn_register. Or it might not have been subscribed at all, in which case yum won’t work. In either case, if you need source RPMs for RHEL 6 you can log in to your Red Hat account and download them manually in addition to FTP.

Note that RHN is going away and you need to migrate the system to Subscription Management.

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