ZyXel USG 40 portforwarding – does not work

mikkeljuhl asked:

I am trying to forward ports from my router to my server, I am using the ZyXel USG 40 router.

When I access my server locally on my network it works. But, when I try to do it via my IP address it simply doesn’t work (it doesn’t respond).

Under Configuration -> NAT: I’ve added a new rule.

Incoming Interface: wan1

Original IP: any

Mapped IP: My server local IP.

Disabled the NAT Loopback.

Furthermore under Policy Control, I’ve added a new policy.

From: any
To: any (exl. ZyWall)
Source: any
Destination: NAT entity created in previous step
Service: any (intent to change that when it works to only desired ports)
User: any
Schedule: any

Action: allow

I don’t understand why this is not working?

My answer:

You disabled NAT Loopback. This needs to be enabled in order to use your external IP address from within your network.

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