Cloning Windows 2012 R2 domain controllers with KVM

patmct asked:

Virtual domain controller cloning is a new feature from Windows Server 2012 that I use because it’s a very useful and simple way to add additional domain controllers to an Active Directory domain.

This feature requires that the hypervisor supports what Microsoft calls “VM-GenerationID”. Hyper-V and ESXi do, but my client wants to use KVM exclusively as their hypervisor.

So my question is :

Does KVM support “VM-GenerationID”, and therefore, fully support the virtual domain controller sloning feature in Windows Server 2012+?

I’d like to be absolutely sure on this point before suggesting this solution to my client. If so, from what version onward is this supported, and where can I find a real validation by KVM on this?

My answer:

On KVM, VM-GenerationID support is currently a work in progress. It hopefully will be finished sometime in the next few months.

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