Emails are being delivered as spam to Gmail?

AspiringProgrammer asked:

for the last 6 weeks (yes, that long) I’ve been struggling to successfully deliver emails to Gmail accounts.

For some reason, every single email that is sent from our domain is flagged as spam by Gmail – it started happening when we moved from a shared host to a dedicated host.

I’ve configured SPF Records, Domain Keys and even DMARC records- however emails are still being delivered as spam, no matter the contents.

I’ve included my latest email headers below and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve hidden our IP’s and domain name for contingency, if you believe it is required please let me know and I can provide it


Edit: I’ve already followed every step on the linked question and my problem still exists – I feel like there’s a fault with the way our emails are configured, however I cannot pinpoint where we’re going wrong 🙁

My answer:

With the caveat that you have obfuscated some things in your email, and have not posted the complete message:

The only serious problem I see with what you have posted is that some of your headers have been RFC 2047-encoded.

To: =?utf-8?B?UmVlY2UgTSBWYXVnaGFu?= <[email protected]>
Subject: =?utf-8?B?RXZvbHV0aW9uIFZhcGluZyB8IFlvcmtzaGlyZSBWYXBlciB8IEZsYXZvdXIgb2YgdGhlIFdlZWs=?=

This is done when a header needs to contain non-ASCII characters. However, on decoding them, we see that there aren’t any non-ASCII characters, so there was no reason to encode them to begin with.

To: Reece M Vaughan <[email protected]>
Subject: Evolution Vaping | Yorkshire Vaper | Flavour of the Week

I’ve seen a couple of other messages where unnecessary encoding was used, also considered spam at Gmail. I recommend that you figure out what is doing this, and reconfigure it to encode headers only when absolutely necessary. To that end you may wish to visit our sister site Magento.

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