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lcssanches asked:

Well, this is like hell for me. For the second time. Last time I give up and install apache+php on Windows. Now I decide to ask.

A hour ago I install php54w in CentOS 6.7. To do that I add the following repo:

rpm -Uvh http://repo.webtatic.com/yum/el6/latest.rpm

But I needed to install mbstring and I get a conflict error. So I uninstall php54w I tried to install php (yum install php, 5.3.3). Again I get conflicts.

Then I remove (at least i think I do that) the repo

yum remove webtatic-release

Well, now it’ll work! Yes? No! =/

dependency error

How can I resolve this?

My answer:

You got that error because your system still has the package php54w-common installed. After you remove this, you can continue.

As for webtatic, I would never recommend that. I always recommend you use the remi repository. He also builds the official Red Hat packages, and provides repos with newer versions of PHP for those who need them.

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