Is a good idea to use a SSL UCC certificate for two different but related web sites?

alez asked:

There are two e-commerce sites on the same Apache server, moreover they share the same Drupal installation with common users and products. They differ for domain name and for aspect but are reciprocally linked.
Furthermore, my current apache version doesn’t support SNI.

So, is a good idea using a SSl UCC certificate rather than two separate?

My answer:

Yes, a UCC certificate is a good fit here.

You have a single Drupal multi-site installation serving two sites, which are somewhat related to each other.

The UCC certificate will allow you to:

  • Use a single Apache web server configuration for both sites.
  • Use a single IP address for both sites without requiring SNI. (But you still can waste extra IP addresses on it if you want.)
  • Add more sites to Drupal and to the certificate later.

If you used separate certificates, you would need separate Apache virtual host configurations and separate IPv4 addresses for each site, greatly complicating the setup and constraining future expansion.

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