How to remove autoconfigured IPv6 Addresses in Windows 7/2008?

David Schmitt asked:

I’m in the process of exploring IPv6 deployment in my network. I’ve changed the advertised subnet and now my windows PCs have IPs from the new and the old network.

I was able to reset the adapter by unplugging the cable, but this is of course no long-term solution.

How can I force windows to forget the “wrong” IPs?

I’m using Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 as clients, and radvd on squeeze as router.

I’ve tested ipconfig’s /release and /release6, but both do not affect the autoconfigured addresses.

My answer:

Once you change the prefix your router is advertising, addresses in the old subnet will be deprecated and eventually removed without any intervention on your part. The address will be deprecated for the difference between the preferred and valid lifetimes advertised by your router. (On my network this works out to 90 minutes, but it depends on how you configured radvd.)

To see deprecated addresses on your Windows network interfaces you can use netsh interface ipv6 show address, or PowerShell Get-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv6.

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