BSOD on Hyper-V guest Windows 2008 0xCA

deschamps asked:

I have a Hyper-V using Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter, inside this server I have a virtual machine with Windows 2008 Standard which had its Intregated Services update and reboot properly.

After that, the VM starts and show BSOD as listed below – safe mode, last known good config doesn’t work.
enter image description here

Any tip?!

My answer:

Exactly this error was caused by a botched Microsoft security update KB2862330 (MS13-081).

While the botched security update was published in October 2013 and a fixed update was only made available three months later, in January 2014, it’s possible that your system had the botched update installed, but was not rebooted for several months (e.g. for testing the updates elsewhere, or because someone simply forgot to reboot).

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