Cannot gain networking access in CentOS 6.2 installed on Hyper-V

user2238415 asked:

Im trying to test a few pieces of software on a CentOS 6.2 VM installed in Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2. I was able to successfully install CentOS 6.2 in Hyper-V but I am unable to gain access to the internet. If checked the following:

-Running ifconfig and ifconfig -a on lists the default lo

-The file ifcfg-eth0 does not exist on a fresh install (it did exist when I installed CentOS on environments outside of Hyper-V). Creating this file and adding the required contents does not help. Neither ifdown nor ifup will work on eth0 once I create the file. Specifically, it complains that the “directory or file” does not exist.

-The file 70-persistent-net.rules located under /etc/udev/rules.d/ doesn’t exist either. I also tried creating the file as well as adding the required contents to it for eth0 and it did not help. As I understand, this file should be automatically regenerated on system start up. It never gets created, no matter how many times the VM is started/restarted. I’ve looked up a few commands (that I no longer remember) to try to manually force the file to be regenerated. These commands were also unsuccessful.

I should note that I am running the Windows Server as a VM itself within VMware Workstation since our company wants to test and see if the software will work before purchasing the actual software.

Any thoughts?

My answer:

RHEL/CentOS did not include the Hyper-V network drivers until 6.4. You should first start with the latest service pack if at all possible (currently 6.6) and test your software with it.

If you’re certain you can’t update, you need to install the Linux Integration Services, which provides out of tree network drivers.

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