Install GNU/Linux No System Disk Error — HP Smart Array

Limited Atonement asked:

I have a HP Proliant DL360 g5, and am trying to install archlinux. It has a HP Smart array controller with 6 drives (all green) creating two logical volumes (one volume with 5 RAID6 drives, and the boot volume with one RAID0). I used the ORCA (array configuration tool) to select the smaller volume as the boot volume. I installed archlinux (using pacstrap, and the Installation Guide), and I created a single GPT partition (ext4), installing syslinux and its BIOS bootloader ( When I reboot, Proliant says “Non system disk or disk error“. I also tried setting the other volume as the “bootable” volume (in case I had chosen the wrong one), but this didn’t help.

Is GPT+BIOS+Syslinux a viable booting strategy on this server?

My reading suggests that the server is incapable of EFI/UEFI booting, so I’m pretty sure MBR/BIOS installation is correct.

My answer:

The simplest solution is to use grub. Syslinux was designed primarily to boot from media other than hard drives, and while it technically can be made to boot a hard drive, it’s not even the default bootloader (grub is), and probably has little or no support for GPT.

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