Installing a Newer Package than what's in RHEL's Repositories

KevinC asked:

What’s the best way in RHEL to install a newer version of a package than what’s in the repositories?

In Ubuntu I can just add the repo for a newer version of Ubuntu, install the package with apt, and then disable the newer repo, but with RHEL and having to register the system with RHN, I don’t see a way to do this. Is there some other way that would be more appropriate?

In particular, I’m trying to get a newer version of gcc-gfortran installed.

Thanks for any input!

My answer:

You have two options for getting a newer version of gcc than the one shipped with RHEL 6, your current Linux distribution.

  1. Upgrade to RHEL 7, which shipped with gcc 4.8.2.
  2. Use the Red Hat Developer Toolset, a software collection which supplies gcc 4.9.1 and updated versions of related tools, on either RHEL 6 or RHEL 7. This software collection is available with most RHEL subscriptions, but is in a separate subscription channel from Red Hat Software Collections.

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