how can I tell if memcache is running?

the_velour_fog asked:

I have just installed memcache on (not memcached) on Ubuntu 14.04 via

sudo pecl install memcache

the module is showing as loaded in phpinfo output.
But I cant see if the daemon is running.
I have tried

  • sudo ps -e | grep memcache
  • sudo ps -e | grep memcache
  • sudo service memcache status -> sudo: /etc/init.d/memcache: command not found
  • sudo /etc/init.d/memcache status -> memcache: unrecognized service

Most google searches give instructions for memcached which doesnt work for me

how can i check if memcache is running?

My answer:

You have only installed the PHP language bindings, which allow PHP to communicate with memcached. You haven’t actually installed memcached. If you want to run memcached, you will need to install it. (And there is no such daemon as memcache.)

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