How to set number of inodes during initial Centos 6 ext4 install?

l00kadiversion asked:

There are similar questions, but nothing that was exactly on par with what I am inquiring. Completely fresh install of Centos 6, the server is setup with a BIOS RAID 1. I’m trying to set the number of inodes for the / partition during install. I’ve done this before with Debian, and on the partitioning screen there is an escape character you can use, to utilize mkfs, however I am unuaware of such for CentOS. Any help would be much appreciated!

My answer:

After you’ve set up your partitions and the system creates them, you then come to the package selection screen. Here, you can press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to switch to a virtual console with a root shell. You can then reformat the partition to your liking. Press Ctrl+Alt+F6 to return to the installer when you finish.

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