My server boots a kernel I don't recognize

Taha asked:

On my dedicated server I’m running Debian 7.5 as an OS. I have installed OpenVZ for amd64 architecture to use the benefits of virtualization but after successfully installing it (following these directions) the OpenVZ kernel is not booting. When I run uname -r it shows 3.10.23-xxxx-std-ipv6-64 and not an OpenVZ kernel.

Even after modifying /etc/default/grub and setting default to a number other than 0
and running update-grub, on reboot it’s like nothing happened and it always boots the same default kernel instead of the OpenVZ kernel.

I don’t know if my hosting provider is using a customized kernel version because I have never seen this particular kernel?

My answer:

You have a dedicated server with OVH. By default these boot an OVH-provided kernel from the network, not the kernel installed on your server. You need to change the configuration of your server, in your OVH account management web pages, to boot from the hard drive.

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