Can Accept-Ranges Be Enabled On Ruby Cartridge

Dave Munger asked:

I’m running Padrino on a Ruby cartridge. I have an application that serves a somewhat large mp3 file to be consumed by an in-browser player, so I need to send a Range Request. If I don’t, the file stops playing and basically craps out until I make a new request, but the same thing always happens with each request.

I set up the route to explicitly return a 206 code for the file. This fixed the problem reliably on my local stack, however the Openshift server responds with this header: ‘Accept-Ranges:none.’ From what I have read, this means the server does not support Range Requests.

Is there any way for me to enable this? I couldn’t find any information about it, although I saw that Node cartridges have had this issue.

My answer:

This is a known bug in OpenShift. I suggest you add your name to the bug, and also contact Red Hat Support if you are using OpenShift Enterprise.

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