Is Nginx running at all runlevels bad?

Rob asked:

I inherited some EC2 (running AMI) instances at my new job and I am trying to figure out the method that my predecessor used to set them up. This might be a really basic question, but my knowledge of the ins and outs of runlevels and init are poor so I want to confirm.

Based on this output nginx shouldn’t be automatically started at any runlevel, right?

$ chkconfig | grep nginx
nginx           0:off   1:off   2:off   3:off   4:off   5:off   6:off

The nginx init script has this comment: chkconfig - 85 15 which I believe means no runlevels also.

However according to this I believe that the server will actually run nginx at every run level, correct?

$ ls -1 /etc/rc.d/*/*nginx

(All those K15nginx files are symlinks to ../init.d/nginx)

Is this something I should just fix (set some reasonable run levels), or is this working as intended and I should walk away (it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)?

My answer:

It’s broke, fix it.

chkconfig nginx on

In your current configuration, nginx is never started automatically.

Note that the symlinks that start with K indicate that the service will be stopped (killed) in that runlevel. Symlinks that start with S indicate that the service will be started.

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