understanding my site's DNS records

DaveM asked:

firstly apologies for using the word ‘pointage’ this is the word my french domain registrar uses so I may have used to wrong term.

OK I would like to better understand what is going on on my ‘pointage’ record on my domain registrars site.

for my (currently empty) web site it reports the following details…

Type  : Host              : Destination
A     : www.mydomain.org  :
A     : mail.mydomain.org :
Mx    :     .mydomain.org : mail.mydomain.org

I think I understand the MX record, that simply relays anything onto the mail.mydomain.org location.
However why are the destination for the www and mail domains different.
Even more confusing (for me) is the fact that if I ping either of www.mydomain.org or mail.mydomain.org the ping returns a different IP address. This IP address is consistent with that of my server (ie

So what exactly is going on ?

I’m sure I could find the information on the web,I’ve read a few thing on the debianhelp site regarding DNS records, and it seems to suggest that the record should be a reverse lookup, but certains isn’t the reverse of my servers IP ?
but I don’t what I should be looking for, so links to docs and search terms for google will be happily accepteed (even though they go against the grain of SO answers to question).

thanks in advance.


ps. I should add that everything seems to work just fine, and I’ve just descovered this part of the management page of my registrar.

Edit: Addition of DNS records and ping results.

The DNS record for the site. From what I’ve read there should only realy be a single ‘A’ record, so has something gone wrong ? should I change it (remove the extras and then just point www.facilitee.org -> .facilitee.org and mail.facilitee.org -> .facilitee.org

here is the DNS record
A www.facilitee.org ⇢
A .facilitee.org ⇢
A mail.facilitee.org ⇢
A webmail.facilitee.org ⇢
MX .facilitee.org ⇢ mail.facilitee.org

ping results…

~$ ping www.facilitee.org
PING www.facilitee.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from vps4576-cloud.dns26.com (
~$ ping mail.facilitee.org
PING mail.facilitee.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from vps4576-cloud.dns26.com (

So the DNS and the ping correspond, but the ‘pointage’ doesn’t.

~ how can I get a report of the pointage records other than from my registrar ?

My answer:

Sounds like your domain is parked. Both of those IP addresses are registered to Netissime, which seems to be your registrar.

When you actually set up your own web and email services, you can change those records to point to your own servers.

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