Keypair with Shellinabox?

Huey asked:

I’ve got an Amazon EC2 instance with a keypair, and I want to setup shellinabox so I can ssh from any web browser. However, shellinabox only seems to allow password logins and I wasn’t able to find any way to enable logins with a keypair.

Does shellinabox allow login with a keypair?

EDIT: Ignoring security concerns for the moment (say this is within a trusted network)

My answer:

Shellinabox is not an ssh client, it is a web application that emulates a plain Unix terminal. In particular, it has absolutely no security at all. In fact, using it is even worse than simply allowing insecure telnet! This is because all logins from shellinabox are logged in utmp as coming from and thus attacks (of which you will get many) become diffcult or impossible to trace.

This is not software you should ever run on the public Internet for any reason.

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