Difference between target policy 18 and 24 in SELinux

Debian asked:

I recently started to learning SELinux and I am so new on that.
So I’ve faced an issue and I have question,
I use CentOS 6.5 and I am learning SElinux via video training. Into the video training SELinux target version is 18 and mine is 24.
The trainer talk about one boolean named httpd_disable_trans in directory /selinux/Boolean But I can not find this Boolean in my Linux. Is there any difference between those versions of SELinux or I should add this Boolean to mentioned directory manually or … ???

My answer:

The current way to stop SELinux enforcement for a single type is with semanage permissive.

For instance, the Apache web server runs under type httpd_t, so to make this type permissive:

semanage permissive -a httpd_t

To restore the defaults and enforce SELinux policy for httpd_t:

semanage permissive -d httpd_t

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