Use iptables to forward ipv6 to ipv4?

Eli asked:

Currently I have a setup where, due to configuration that would take forever to fix, I have a server that can only be accessed by ipv4. I also, however, have a server that can be accessed by ipv6.
I was wondering if I could use iptables to forward ipv6 traffic on a certain port from one of the servers to another server using ipv4 traffic.

My answer:

Recent versions of xinetd can also listen on IPv6 and then forward the connection to an IPv4 address.

A sample configuration which listens for IPv6 connections on port 3389 and forwards them to port 3389 of an internal IPv4 address:

service rdp_port_forward
    flags           = IPv6
    disable         = no
    type            = UNLISTED
    socket_type     = stream
    protocol        = tcp
    user            = nobody
    wait            = no
    redirect        = 3389
    port            = 3389

This may be useful in more restricted environments since xinetd is likely to be installed with your base system or available in approved vendor repositories.

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