How to get stable WIFI connection between phone and router when thousands of irrelevant phones are around?

Karl asked:

I want to use Android phones to check tickets at the gate of an event.
These phones are connected to a password protected router (WPA2) and a PC to validate.
That all works nicely in a test setting, but I’m worried it might collaps if there are many other competing phones around.

How can I get a stable WIFI connection between my phones and my router when thousands of irrelevant phones are around?

Do the other phones clogg the router with requests even when the router is password protected?

Shall I hide the SSID?

My answer:

No device is going to try to connect to a password protected AP without explicit instruction from its user. When showing a list of available APs, the devices are only receiving, not transmitting. So I don’t think this is something you need to worry about.

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