unable to connect to nginx hosted website from most pcs, yet my local pc connects fine?

tunist asked:

i run a website (remotely) using nginx and php, which has been ok for a long while. i recently changed the domain name to a new name and now most web browsers/pcs are unable to connect to the website. they see ‘unable to connect’ type messages in the browser (e.g. firefox).

the strange aspect is that i am able to connect just fine from my home pc, to the website via the standard internet. yet when i use another pc on the same home network, the connection fails (equally so for other pcs on other IP addresses).

there are no firewall issues as far as i am aware. pings report responses and traceroutes looks ok to me.

so this appears to be a configuration issue on the server.

i have created a new ssl certificate for the new domain (via startssl), which appears to be working ok. the domain name is routed to the server in the same way as the previous domain name was being routed.

so i am stuck..

anyone care to assist and test here? the domain name is www.ureka.org.


My answer:

www.ureka.org doesn’t have an address record in the DNS, so nobody can find it.

To resolve the problem, add the appropriate AAAA and A records for your IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.

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