Iptables comment module not installed

Garrett R asked:

I want to use -m comment –comment “message” in my iptables rule but do not have the module loaded. Through some searching, the module I need for this is “ipt_comment” but I do not have this installed. How can I make this happen?

My version of Iptables is 1.4.21

/sbin/modprobe –list returns nothing

/sbin/lsmod is empty as well.

Im using Ubuntu 12.04.1 server

My answer:

Sounds like you are on an OpenVZ based VPS. You cannot install modules on such a VPS.

You have two options:

  1. You can ask the host to install the module for you.
  2. You can switch to a different VPS which is not based on OpenVZ.

Use the virt-what command to confirm what type of VPS you have.

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