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Jay Lindquist asked:

I’m new to chef and trying to set up an Ubuntu VM for testing by installing our product automatically. I am able to download the .tgz, extract it and execute the installer using a bash resource.

I the problem I’ve encountered is that our install script enforces a EULA check for the command line install. It has something similar to the following in a shell script:

# various statements and input to expect from stdin
echo "You must accept our EULA to install the software"

read ENTER
more EULA.txt

echo "Do you accept the EULA?"
# additional input expected from stdin

I can easily add the expected input from standard by using a response file and kicking off the install with ./ < response.txt, but this stops working once more is executed. The more command doesn’t see the input from the response file and still expects a ‘q’ to quit the command before accepting the eula.

What is the proper way to execute such an install automatically using chef? Beyond simply re-writing the script to ignore the EULA line.

My answer:

Also redirect the output somewhere. more will simply display the entire file without pausing and then exit if standard output is not a terminal.

For example:

 ./ < response.txt | cat

Though you really should be using something like expect for scenarios like this.

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