server's email going to spam for yahoo users, possible SPF issue?

prospector asked:

Our website is sending out email verifications to members who sign up with our service.

Yahoo is throwing our messages in the spam box and displaying this message in the headers:

Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)

I’m pretty sure this is the reason why.

I added a text record to our DNS:

v=spf1 +all

Maybe I didn’t set it up right? The yahoo message remains.

Our email has html and text versions and has received a score of .07 on spamassassin, so I highly doubt that anything in the email content itself is throwing a flag.

My answer:

Your SPF record contains +all, which means that everyone on the Internet is permitted to send mail for your domain.

Since this is obviously ridiculous, it’s treated as though you don’t have an SPF record.

Perhaps you meant to use -all instead, meaning that no one except those you designated elsewhere in the SPF record can send mail for your domain.

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