Can you update HP firmware via iLO virtual disk?

Matthew asked:

Simple question – can you do this? Right now we have a server in a remote data center with no ability to get anyone on site. We recently had a HP tech there to swap out a failed disk, however the disk is now refusing to rebuild. Apparently there may be some issues with the firmware rev, but there’s no way we can get a DVD out there in a timeframe we’re comfortable with. I do have the DVD firmware-update iso though, and I’m staring at the remote console just wondering.

Obviously I won’t be updating iLO, but the other firmware.

My answer:

Barring firmware bugs that actually prevent booting from virtual media (e.g. some old G5/G6 systems had a problem where they would not boot from virtual media if there were external USB devices connected) you should be fine to boot from a virtual DVD and update your firmware.

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